Wishlist: Astronomy map watches, TARDIS bags, Hunger Games jacket

Astrodea Celestial Watch 2009 Edition  from Citizen

Astrodea Celestial Watch (have you ever seen a picture of one? They’re gorgeous)

Blue Felt TARDIS Bag (TARDIS purse)Felt Dalek bag (Dalek Purse)Brown Felt Violin Bag (Violin purse)

A violin and piano shaped tote bags from Krukrustudio. There’s the TARDIS too. How cool would it be to carry this down the street? Of course they can’t carry my regular school stuff, so they probably collect dust like the rest of my small bags… I bought the violin bag! Costed me a ton, but it satisfied my longing for one of these bags. It also came in an awesome box full of Russian words which makes it seem like a bomb just got delivered to your door.

Remote controlled shark balloon…because nothing is more awesome than flying sharks. (see xkcd)

A snowflake necklace and snowflake+pearls earrings (something like thisthough god I want that $55 Carolee pair I keep seeing in The Bay too(I bought it! Whooo inner shopaholic). I’m way too much of a perfectionist about these. There are a ton of snowflake designs of every price range, and I’ll pay a decent price for the perfect ones. (see Princess in Pink of Princess Diaries, and Meg Cabot’s blog xD though I wouldn’t pay $30,000 either…)Good earrings and necklaces…because just like cool tshirts, you can never have enough accessories to match. Especially when you’re highly sensitive to cheap metals of most fashion jewelry.
I bought this and broke it T___TFull pastel sets and velour paper. I bought a full nupastel (hard pastels) 92 set but haven’t had the chance to try it out yet.

Strings to hold my USBs. A quiet need that nags away at me.

 pencils 468x336 Felissimo 500 Pencils

Felissimo 500 pencils set. I’m trying to expand my colored pencils and pastels set (the two mediums that you really need as many colors as possible). It would also cost over $800 for everything. =( Unfortunately they’re not artist quality since the company doesn’t test lightfastedness, so I bought the next best thing: Prismacolor 150 colored pencils set.

The Hunger Games arena jacket replica. Practical, two layers (perfect for 7/12 months of Canada), and totally my style. This would be all I want for a spring/fall jacket if it weren’t for…
I bought it. Unfortunately, the outer shell looks like a garbage bag and I wish I was kidding.

X-ray view
SeV women’s trench coat. Now that’s practical. I wouldn’t have to worry about it getting out of style or outgrowing it as I mature, and my bag wouldn’t need to be as big or stuffed! Not quite ready to shell out $150 when I’m already spending so much at the moment and can’t justify it…someday…