Fave Five: map games, raptor plushes

When the wonderful Felicia Day started her vlog The Flog, she had a Fave Five list every week full of mechandise, web links, webcomics, etc. And I LOVED it and really missed it when she changed it to Trio Mio…and then stopped flogging. =( So this is our take on the top 5 things every week!

  1. Map games! Trying to guess where you are in the world based on a Google Maps streetview is hilariously and refreshingly fun. geoguesser exploded after the XKCD comic, leading to SMBC to advertise a similar game, Map Race. I’m horrible at these. Also, how DO you categorize terrains? The Rockies all look the same.
  2. It’s ADORABLE. It’s a plushie!
    feather raptor chick by kimrhodes

    feather raptor chick by kimrhodes

    It reminds me of this: Read the rest of this entry »