Boston Bombing Rant

Charge bombardment, ignition, slow formation of flame. Runners sniped by shrapnel in the name of political game. Enforcers in search of scapegoat, a guinea pig to pin the blame. The haunting, aftermath gory, surveillance cannot be tamed.

Hatred as inertia, brainwashing as supplement. We condemn religion as the seed planter and waterer of ill intent. But we never really understood the manner of their afflicted geopolitical content. Boys surname Tsarnaev as moral misrepresent. Chechnya fear of negative repercussion denied relation to these dissents. But logical symphony echoes possibility of other viable consent. Wish things were simpler, tragedy catered with only reasonable lament. But unfortunately, this ruthlessness is only a small portion of the whole wrong segment.

Target unarmed civilians, a tactic, mankind’s revolutionary. In the hope to alter diseased destinies. But what really is achieved with this remedy? Did we murder more of ourselves than just enemies? Political and moral rhetorics spoken throughout centuries. I recommend for communication, ceasefire, intentionally. And discuss how sustainable metamorphosis can come to be.