And then I dreamt I was something
with dry soft skin, ridged spine, knots under my shoulders,
my brain stumbles as I haul myself out of the water with arms too short.
A second time, while salt burns against my wings, I burst out.
I see, in the sky, sketched in white on blue porcelain
I cry out. My voice warbles.

[first publicly published at my writing blog]

Sine arte/scientia, scientia/ars nihil est.


[larger version at my deviantART]

I know this looks like a 12 year old threw this together in MSPaint but I made something to express my sentiment, not my artistic skills. I made this to remind a friend of mine that her worth is more than that determined by graduate school committees. The left panel represents the theory and knowledge, the right panel represents the journey and destination of discovery. Just as these are complementary in science, the creativity of an artist complements the creativity of a scientist.

–The Lady of Light

This comic and Men in Hats

How I feel about my blog. Just wait till my blog turns on me…
A webcomic series I consider “classic” by now. It’s beautiful, funny, witty.