Shh… we’re not ready for equality yet


Your grampa is too old for this world. Just respect him and let him rant out his last few years in peace.

We’re already a meritocracy. Just be quiet  and if you don’t point out your gender/race/sexuality, and you won’t be discriminated against!

Everyone is so nice. Why do you have to make everyone awkward by pointing out us our conscious/subconscious/unconscious discrimination?

This was always okay in the past! What’s wrong with it now?

The people in the developing world have it much. Worse. The homeless have it much worse! Not that I’m going to help them instead of bitching on equality promoters in this society.

A spokesperson of your own gender/race/sexuality spoke out and they’re okay with this. Why aren’t you?!

You look really angry and you need to calm the fuck down. Why are you so sensitive about this anyways?

This started as a feminist rant, and then I realized that it applied to other types of discrimination. Let me know if you can think of more to add!


Do Farmers Have Choices?

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Farmer Choices.jpg

There seems to be a consensus going around that farmers have no choice when it comes to the seed they choose to plant. Or if they do have a choice, large corporations like Monsanto force it upon them. And if anybody tries to voice their opinion and let the farmer’s themselves speak upon their choices, the individual suddenly becomes a pawn for Monsanto.

Okay so the above example may be a little extreme. Doesn’t mean I haven’t seen it happen again and again online. Why is it that because we are behind a computer it gives us the license to be disrespectful? Anyway, back to farmers. I was interested in what the farmers themselves have to say about their seed choices, how they choose the seed they do, and why do they CHOOSE to plant GMOs or maybe they don’t? So I asked several farmers some questions… And here’s what…

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Fave Five: map games, raptor plushes

When the wonderful Felicia Day started her vlog The Flog, she had a Fave Five list every week full of mechandise, web links, webcomics, etc. And I LOVED it and really missed it when she changed it to Trio Mio…and then stopped flogging. =( So this is our take on the top 5 things every week!

  1. Map games! Trying to guess where you are in the world based on a Google Maps streetview is hilariously and refreshingly fun. geoguesser exploded after the XKCD comic, leading to SMBC to advertise a similar game, Map Race. I’m horrible at these. Also, how DO you categorize terrains? The Rockies all look the same.
  2. It’s ADORABLE. It’s a plushie!
    feather raptor chick by kimrhodes

    feather raptor chick by kimrhodes

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CREATE (AKA, why have a blog? why anything?)


It’s so easy to give into the humming mellow mediocrity of life. To check your Facebook feed and Twitter feed and RSS feed and go out to eat and just exist. Like zombies. I mean, the blog authors should know. We just lived like that for the past 4 years as university students. We were practically zombies. Smart zombies, sleepless zombies, tired and stressed zombies, but still definitely zombies.

Image also (or perhaps more accurately) applies to Apple fans. I mean, I’m sure that’s a MACBOOK PRO he’s holding there.

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What my internal monologue looks like when I’m talking

Oh right, eye contact. Ok, good, holding the eye contact ... holding ... still holding ... ok, too long! Getting weird! Quick, look thoughtfully into space and nod. Oh, dammit, said 'yeah' again!

Oh right, eye contact. Ok, good, holding the eye contact … holding … still holding … ok, too long! Getting weird! Quick, look thoughtfully into space and nod. Oh, dammit, said ‘yeah’ again! / Oh right, eye contact. Ok, good, holding the eye contact … holding … still holding … ok, too long! Getting weird! Quick, look thoughtfully into space and nod. Oh, dammit, said ‘yeah’ again!

This is exactly me. Years of practice since high school, gaining leadership positions, and I still can’t converse properly. I try, and I’ll keep trying, but I’ll never be as fluent and articulate as I’d like.

Animals in minimalism styles, the book Zoobiquity

I found a photo album of thousands of animal species, all with blank backgrounds and done “artistically”. It’s really quite beautiful, and it reminds me of the photography book “Creature” by Andrew Zuckerman (yes that’s a lot of blank paper for artistic effect).

I came across this “Zoobiquity” business today. It’s a book co-authored by a cardiologist about the similarities of diseases that afflict humans and non-human animals. We are all so alike, blah that we even get the same diseases, etc. Some interesting things analogies comparisons between emo teen cutting and self-inflicted injuries in animals. The only thing is, being immersed in (and not even close to being a vet yet) animal health has already exposed me to most of the examples and pretty much all of the ideas in this book. There’s nothing NEW. I’ve read plenty of examples of animals seeking psychedelics, and she included the most popular examples of goats eating mushrooms, caribou eating lichen, dogs licking toads, etc. Actually this article in Psychology Today was the most insightful article about psychedelics in animals I’ve ever seen. I expect many pet owners to know firsthand the various cancers their pets can get. Every veterinarian was educated on the assumption of the similarity of the diseases across species (what other conclusion can you come to after learning to treat all species expect one?).

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Veterinarians in a zombie apocalypse

The AVMA published a list of 5 reasons you would want a veterinarian on your team during a zombie apocalypse. All good reasons (avoiding bites? Hah) though not all of them are applicable to your everyday small animal vet. Look, if there’s a zombie apocalypse, my plan is to stick to a hunter with a gun (with a very well stocked supplies and secure shelter).

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