It wouldn’t be an adventure if we knew where we’re going.

So we’re a bunch of (introvert) fresh-faced university graduates with no idea where we’re going. Well, some more than others. A physics grad student and an animal health major walk into a bar…


I’m Love and Absurdity and sometimes called Mer for short, like Mary isn’t short enough or something. (I came up with the name OKAY? And in Pride and Prejudice, Lizzie and Darcy are BOTH proud and prejudiced. We’re all Love and Absurdity) I’m a lover at heart. Of books, life, music, art, non-human animals, humans, the Earth, nature, slightly-to-very-offensive jokes, webcomics, the internets, “tech”, physics, science, flame wars (from the sidelines, thank you). I’m also a freshly graduated university student trying to make my way in the world. I *like* my major in animal health and food safety, and I wouldn’t be anywhere else. Even considering all the other things I have a passion for. But even if I can’t do everything in this world, I can always explore them on this blog. INFP.


is the singularity on the i, the disciple of light, the purple poet trying to do advanced physics. (BSc. Honours 2013, yo.) I’m also a Masters student, so if I think you’re wrong, you’re gonna know it with all the force of a– well, earnest physics grad student. I will talk about what it’s like to be a physicist (with mild depression), rant about social conventions that infringe on my self-identity, and post some of my art.


is the “y” in the word Absurdity. Why y?  As a Biological and Physical Science fresh grad, I’m a natural skeptic. Gotta ask y, can’t accept things without filtration. Justice is my passion and I am an activist. I stand up for very selective things. Being an observer of this world, I admit, I’m slightly jaded. But hey! There is still hope and goodness, and it’s worth fighting/[advocating] for. (Referencing Sam from Lord of the Rings). INFJ.

Contact Us

So you want to talk to us? Our email is crew@loveandabsurdity.com, or alternatively there’s this handy form.


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