Shh… we’re not ready for equality yet


Your grampa is too old for this world. Just respect him and let him rant out his last few years in peace.

We’re already a meritocracy. Just be quiet  and if you don’t point out your gender/race/sexuality, and you won’t be discriminated against!

Everyone is so nice. Why do you have to make everyone awkward by pointing out us our conscious/subconscious/unconscious discrimination?

This was always okay in the past! What’s wrong with it now?

The people in the developing world have it much. Worse. The homeless have it much worse! Not that I’m going to help them instead of bitching on equality promoters in this society.

A spokesperson of your own gender/race/sexuality spoke out and they’re okay with this. Why aren’t you?!

You look really angry and you need to calm the fuck down. Why are you so sensitive about this anyways?

This started as a feminist rant, and then I realized that it applied to other types of discrimination. Let me know if you can think of more to add!

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