Fave Five: map games, raptor plushes

When the wonderful Felicia Day started her vlog The Flog, she had a Fave Five list every week full of mechandise, web links, webcomics, etc. And I LOVED it and really missed it when she changed it to Trio Mio…and then stopped flogging. =( So this is our take on the top 5 things every week!

  1. Map games! Trying to guess where you are in the world based on a Google Maps streetview is hilariously and refreshingly fun. geoguesser exploded after the XKCD comic, leading to SMBC to advertise a similar game, Map Race. I’m horrible at these. Also, how DO you categorize terrains? The Rockies all look the same.
  2. It’s ADORABLE. It’s a plushie!
    feather raptor chick by kimrhodes

    feather raptor chick by kimrhodes

    It reminds me of this:

  3. David Neptune and Ken Tanaka made this absolute golden video. I think any non-white person in North America will relate to having someone ask “Where are you from? No but really, where are you from?”, including yours truly. Try not to get yourself depressed by looking at the comments.
  4. This Game of Thrones comic by one of my favorite webcomic, The Joy of Tech.
    The Joy of Tech :: Lesser-known houses of Game of Thrones - image 1
  5. Foz Meadow’s blog “SHATTERSNIPE: MALCONTENT & RAINBOWS” has excellently written explanations about the underlying sexism, “realistic” expectations, as well as historical biases of Sci-Fi and Fantasy.

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