CREATE (AKA, why have a blog? why anything?)


It’s so easy to give into the humming mellow mediocrity of life. To check your Facebook feed and Twitter feed and RSS feed and go out to eat and just exist. Like zombies. I mean, the blog authors should know. We just lived like that for the past 4 years as university students. We were practically zombies. Smart zombies, sleepless zombies, tired and stressed zombies, but still definitely zombies.

Image also (or perhaps more accurately) applies to Apple fans. I mean, I’m sure that’s a MACBOOK PRO he’s holding there.

This isn’t even a new idea:


Nope it’s really not. But what university has done to us is perhaps a different topic to be disseminated in other blog pieces (wink, wink).


maybe we just need to do whatever the hell we want, have that corner of the world that is ours. Create things that is ours so that we don’t feel so alone and lost in this universe. We’re more than a tiny soul drifting on a speck of rock in spacetime.


Create, but create for yourself. Don’t impose expectations and other restrictions on yourself, and always, always, forgive yourself.  It’s completely okay to not have time for creating. It’s okay to not want to create. Whatever that satisfies you.

I think that’s why this blog was made. A blog to remind us – hopefully you the reader as well as the blog creators – that we should follow that urge to create instead of consuming. That maybe if we add our minds to the hivemind of the internet and the world that we might keep away the meaninglessness of (AKA inevitability of death, darkness, existential thoughts, nihilist thoughts, etc.). And maybe, just maybe, this blog will do the same for someone like you.

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