Levels of Influence

Levels of Influence

Charles Faulkner’s pyramid depicts five different degrees of influence. In his article he described each level in the following manner.

-Environment. One can influence a person’s environment via ads, propaganda, billboards etc.

-Behavior. One can influence a person’s behavior with laws/rules and enforcement etc.

-Capabilities. One can influence a person’s capabilities with incentives, money and membership etc.

-Values and Beliefs. Influence a person’s values and belief with authority and social pressure etc.

-Identity. One can influence a person by addressing their identity (who a person think or feel who he or she wants to be).

Faulkner described that “Identity” or the ability to appeal/sway or shape identity is the most significant form of influence.

Now I don’t know what your opinion on exerting influence is. Or how one should act in order to be influential. But it seems like if you can feed people the purpose of life, you’ve already gained an edge. I believe that significant influence comes with “giving a crap about other people”. Such that one does not try to shape and mold others into what s/he wants them to be. But rather aid them, challenge them, and assist them in developing their own identity, whatever it may be. Influential people I know of demonstrate love and care for others, they’re quite selfless and rather genuine. Influential people I know of speak for what they believe despite of persecution and mockery. They are real, they confront out of love and encourage those around them. In fact, influential people I know of inspire others through their own actions. Where observers who find merits in the influential person’s intention might adopt the same set of values and beliefs. Thus assisting observers in their choice and formation of their own identity.


One Comment on “Levels of Influence”

  1. I bet in the modern era we could add A LOT more categories of influence…

    Courtney Hosny

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