Animals in minimalism styles, the book Zoobiquity

I found a photo album of thousands of animal species, all with blank backgrounds and done “artistically”. It’s really quite beautiful, and it reminds me of the photography book “Creature” by Andrew Zuckerman (yes that’s a lot of blank paper for artistic effect).

I came across this “Zoobiquity” business today. It’s a book co-authored by a cardiologist about the similarities of diseases that afflict humans and non-human animals. We are all so alike, blah that we even get the same diseases, etc. Some interesting things analogies comparisons between emo teen cutting and self-inflicted injuries in animals. The only thing is, being immersed in (and not even close to being a vet yet) animal health has already exposed me to most of the examples and pretty much all of the ideas in this book. There’s nothing NEW. I’ve read plenty of examples of animals seeking psychedelics, and she included the most popular examples of goats eating mushrooms, caribou eating lichen, dogs licking toads, etc. Actually this article in Psychology Today was the most insightful article about psychedelics in animals I’ve ever seen. I expect many pet owners to know firsthand the various cancers their pets can get. Every veterinarian was educated on the assumption of the similarity of the diseases across species (what other conclusion can you come to after learning to treat all species expect one?).

It stresses greater communication between MDs and DVMs. Basically, things One Health has been reiterating for years. However, maybe initiative from the physician side and public awareness is exactly what is needed to advance One Health. What seems like basic knowledge to me may draw other people’s interest; For example, none of my non-animal health friends knows what zoonoses means (even the med school hopefuls…”b-but you guys learn about diseases and immunology! You’re in bio sci and health sciences undergrad programs!”. Given that the veterinary education focuses far more on public health, food safety, and zoonoses, it  makes sense that most professionals in One Health are veterinarians. We also need the expertise of non-MD/DVMs, but that being said, both the DVM side and the MD side need to recognize the benefit of cross-communication. I’m not even on either side.

Also, I donated $15 to the cause of good and righteousness / best response to a frivolous lawsuit ever. The best thing is, the lawsuit made me realize that there’s a pterodactylus embedded into the source code of every Oatmeal page (right click and view source code or crtl+u to see)! Matthew Inman is that much more awesome to me now.


One Comment on “Animals in minimalism styles, the book Zoobiquity”

  1. I agree with you on the lack of communication, I don't think my pre-med biology companions know or care at all about the ideas that One Health presents. :([have fun at your beef conference!]

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