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20 Ways you should totally use for managing the last month of the semester

Don’t be like me. Be like this list.

1. Plan to work harder. You might be used to thinking of college as a two- or three-day-a-week job. No more. Come the last month, you’ll need to turn it up a notch – or for some, a number of notches – to get done what you need to get done.

2. Triage your preparation. Now that time is at a premium, devote most of your time to the reading that really counts. And ditch the reading that’s just for general background, additional detail, or mere enjoyment (don’t even think about recommended reading). By now, you should know whether the reading is really doing any work or is merely filling (or wasting) time.

3. Don’t blow off the classes. Because you’ll get more out of the professor’s one-hour lecture than out of three hours of studying on your own, this is so effing true as I’ve learned from my two years of failures. Besides, the closer you get to the final, the more likely the prof’s going to drop hints in lecture about what’s going to be on the final. And how best to study for the final.

4. Try the homework. Professors are prone to putting homework questions, or variants of homework problems, on the tests. Don’t trade short-term time saving for long-term point loss. And don’t skip out on any quizzes, either. These, too, furnish fodder for exams. Except when all your classes are conceptual and fact-based and understanding based…I don’t even know how to study for my exams anymore. Just read and reread and copy.

5. Look for the structure. Every course has a “plot” or direction of argument – both from lecture to lecture and within individual lectures. Search for it. The better you are at figuring out the plot, the more efficiently you’ll be able to take notes, review the material, and study for the tests.

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