So I Had A Palmistry Reading

A guy named Max read my palm. His story goes, his family is of Italian-Gypsy descent (pretty awesome right?), and when he was little he found an old book on Palmistry in the attic. He’s endlessly fascinating and worldly (I’ve never seen the word “worldly” so aptly fit someone) which probably helps with playing at being psychic.

And as much as I tried not to show it, it scared me to an extent. There were some stuff that could be just astrology bollocks:

  • how I’m an airhead (out of the 4 elements – air, water, earth, fire. seriously, you think people can be separated into only four groups? That’s like people being separated into 12 groups based on what month or year they’re born in. And horses are supposed to be all popular and centre of attention and crap. I don’t even remember what scorpios are). Something idealistic and hard to pin down. Snort.
  • how I’m going to become senile once I’m 75 and die at 80 (“What if the person dies at 40?”, I asked. Max replied “then I say they live a very fulfilling life and don’t mention what age they die at.”)

  • how I’m rational (I’m what?) in romance and because of that I set high standards
  • good sense of humour but don’t know where to stop (too true)
  • and how I’m good in bed or that I’m going to have 4 major relationships. And that the fourth and most passionate and serious I’ll meet in my late 30s and will probably be the person I marry. (?!?!)
  • I’ll have 2 daughters, the first of greater significance to the world
  • I’ll either be an alcoholic or I’m just very social

But some things…dead on:

  • My career is something once I decide I’m dead set on and will continue doing for the rest of my life. It never really changes.
  • I’m “a bit” stubborn (interpretation: I’m a stubborn ass)
  • I have stable finances but I’m bad at deciding between what I need and what I want.
  • I have talent in the arts but they shouldn’t necessarily be pursued as a career.
  • I have some natural leadership skills but I shouldn’t go into politics.
  • I’m also not very assertive, so I might just take things instead of fighting all out (…you asking for a fight?)
  • I’m more open to new things and new people than the normal person. Unfortunately if something is totally different…and I’m stubborn…
  • I’m intelligent (good to know. I asked him what he says if the person is stupid, to which Max replied “then I don’t mention it”).
  • good balance of idealism and realism but more so towards realism (my thought: how does this fit in with airhead?)
  • I already have my own idea of how I think the world works. I tend to like to be inside the box (but the box is bigger on the inside!).

And I keep wondering the stuff he left out. (Translation: I want to hear about my tragic past/future). No fear rational people, I remain a healthy skeptic.


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