Halloween is for dead things!

Halloween is for dead things!

Happy Halloween everyone!

Should I buy this shirt? How to make good purchasing decisions

From the blog Small Notebook. If I followed this, I wouldn’t have 30% of the clothes that I rarely wear, and I wouldn’t have 20 Doctor Who shirts (but I want 20 DW shirts…)

This comic and Men in Hats

How I feel about my blog. Just wait till my blog turns on me…
A webcomic series I consider “classic” by now. It’s beautiful, funny, witty.

What My Parasitology Course Taught Me

  1. By god, I’m glad I’m a vegetarian. And I don’t care how good, how traditional raw meat dishes (kibbeh, sashimi, steak tartare) are, just don’t do it.
  2. Never, ever going swimming in a lake again. Especially in Africa.
  3. Never setting foot in Africa. (malaria, sleeping disease, giardia)
  4. Never drinking untreated water. Even if it’s a developed country.
  5. Before this class, I swear I never heard anyone mention Trichinella, Coccidiosis, or Dermacentor before. Now I hear it everywhere around me. I’m either in way too many An Sci classes, or before I learn something it goes out the other ear and I don’t pick it up.

So I Had A Palmistry Reading

A guy named Max read my palm. His story goes, his family is of Italian-Gypsy descent (pretty awesome right?), and when he was little he found an old book on Palmistry in the attic. He’s endlessly fascinating and worldly (I’ve never seen the word “worldly” so aptly fit someone) which probably helps with playing at being psychic.

And as much as I tried not to show it, it scared me to an extent. There were some stuff that could be just astrology bollocks:

  • how I’m an airhead (out of the 4 elements – air, water, earth, fire. seriously, you think people can be separated into only four groups? That’s like people being separated into 12 groups based on what month or year they’re born in. And horses are supposed to be all popular and centre of attention and crap. I don’t even remember what scorpios are). Something idealistic and hard to pin down. Snort.
  • how I’m going to become senile once I’m 75 and die at 80 (“What if the person dies at 40?”, I asked. Max replied “then I say they live a very fulfilling life and don’t mention what age they die at.”)

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